Energy efficiency at an SME

Green finance for SMEs

There are plenty of financing options available-make sure you do your homework. Financing sustainability measures might be easier than you think.

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Why save energy?

There are many reasons to save energy at work and at home. Check out this page and read why it will pay off for your business and for our climate.

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Save energy at home

Making some simple changes and energy efficiency improvements in your home can make it more comfortable and cheaper to heat and cool, and has the added benefit of reducing your impact on the environment.

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Tools and resources

The internet is full of tools, resources and advices on energy efficiency. But it is difficult to find them if you are in need of one.We have prepared a collection of tools and resources for you to aid the energy efficiency in your SME.

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Tip of the day
Save energy at your SME by: changing your people’s minds, locking heat controls, running competitions.

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