Employee Engagement Examples and Campaign Ideas

Employee engagement examples and campaign ideas So, how do you motivate employees even further to improve energy efficiency in the workplace? Small Business Trends’ Anita Campbell offers these five tips to engage your employees in ways to lower your energy bill…

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11 Easy Ways to Make Your Home more Energy Efficient

What are Energy Efficient Homes? This day and age, people are looking to find ways that they can be more energy efficient. The truth is, people want to do anything and everything they can to conserve energy, because it is not…

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The importance of energy efficiency in the buildings sector

Without action, energy demand in the building sector could increase 30% by 2060 - the same as all the energy used by households in the US, the EU & China in 2015. Learn more: action, energy demand in the…

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How to reduce your carbon footprint on the world

Carbon dioxide accumulates in the Earth's atmosphere, trapping solar heat energy and contributing to global warming. Many everyday activities, from driving to turning on a light, increase carbon dioxide emissions, which means you could be contributing to global warming without…

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START2ACT Summer Challenge launched!

While the summer heat is an asset for beachside holidays, it can…

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Eu funding opportunities: energy efficiency call 2016-17

New funding opportunities: Energy Efficiency Call 2016 Horizon 2020 topics facilitating the…

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Regularly register your energy consuming. Analyse your energy consuming profile and chose the best tariff scheme offered by your energy supplier.

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