PITCH NIGHT Prague - Mentoring Startups for Energy Efficiency

PITCH NIGHT Prague - Mentoring Startups for Energy Efficiency


Our Czech partner ENVIROS participated the PITCH NIGHT Prage with a session on energy efficiency for startups.


One aim of the START2ACT project is to help young entrepreneurs to save energy and energy costs, using simple low-cost measures which can be implemented also into their daily lives.


Within the framework of the PITCH NIGHT, a series of START2ACT mentoring sessions for startups was launched on the 22nd of June. More than 30 participants were present to receive tips and advices on energy efficiency tailored for startups and their enterpreneurs.

In addition, participants received information on the START2ACT project, mentoring activities on energy efficiency for startups and on-line educational activities such as the interactive social platform, an "ask an expert" section and E-learning activities.

The PITCH NIGHT is an event organised by the Prague Startup Center together with the support from the partners ENVIROS and MICROSOFT.


During the following months, there will be additional START2ACT mentoring activities for startups, do not miss the opportunity to attend free-of-charge!


Find out more about the next event near you through start2act@enviros.cz and visit us regularly at http://www.start2act.eu for new information.

More events to follow across Europe are organised by the START2ACT Partners' Consortium.

Tip of the day
Check your out of hours energy consumption by taking a meter reading at the end of the day and in the morning. The difference is the amount of electricity wasted EVERY day. Now hunt down as many things as possible to bring this closer to zero.

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