START2ACT presents at the webinar for

START2ACT presents at the webinar for

Decreasing ICT consumption – the human side of sustainability

The role of people at SMEs and start-ups can bring a long-lasting decrease in energy consumption of ICT at the workplaces, while increasing the company’s competitiveness on the market. How is that achievable?

On the 18th of July, START2ACT’s coordinator, Daniel Frohnmaier delivered a presentation for the webinar organized by on how people’s will and behavior can ultimately engage businesses in sustainable technology.

The recipe for increased energy efficiency of ICT at the workplace has never been easier:

  • Set objectives and goals, quantitative targets and share commitment based on European Commission standards;
  • Detail how both the company and the employees will contribute to the strategy;
  • The community aspect: involving employees does not only depend on norms. Sharing objectives and practices among colleagues plays an important role and builds a pro-environmental community.

START2ACT offers a wide range of solutions in this respect as well: on-site consultancy, mentoring programmes, as well as online resources – an e-learning, a tailored knowledge base, a forum, and a seasonal energy saving competition.

Curious to know more? You can check the webinar report here.


Tip of the day
Check your out of hours energy consumption by taking a meter reading at the end of the day and in the morning. The difference is the amount of electricity wasted EVERY day. Now hunt down as many things as possible to bring this closer to zero.

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